Turn on and tune in to the hypnotic vibrations of Hudson River Wind Meditations. The latest installment of Light in the Attic's Liner Notes illuminates Lou Reed's final solo album, one of his most personal musical works. In this episode, we hear from Eddie Stern, the renowned yoga instructor who taught Lou, along with celebrated artist Laurie Anderson, Lou's longtime partner & wife.

Hudson River Wind Meditations combines Reed's love of creating drone music with his passion for Tai Chi, yoga, and meditation. The album's ambient soundscapes have been described as a counterpoint to his intense Metal Machine Music album—but they are similar outliers in Reed's 40+ year exploration of drone music and feedback harmonics, music created specifically for a certain time and place of mind. 



This Light in the Attic podcast is a companion piece to Words and Music, May 1965, an album of previously unreleased songs recorded by a young Lou Reed with future Velvet Underground bandmate, John Cale. It includes first known recordings of such iconic songs as "I'm Waiting for the Man" and "Heroin." These recordings will be released to the public for the first time on Light in the Attic Records.

Our host, Tunde Adebimpe sits down with Matt Sullivan (co-owner and founder of Light in the Attic Records) and Lou Reed archivists Jason Stern and Don Fleming to get their insights into how the tape was discovered and how the songs were recorded by Cale and Reed in the spring of 1965.

Listen along with Matt, Don and Jason as they share their appreciation and knowledge of these extraordinary recordings. Produced by Light in the Attic, Ruinous Media and Dann Gallucci.